Expert Tuition

Here at Dav's School Of Motoring, we have a tradition. Our experienced instructors have been teaching people to drive in North Kent, earning us a solid reputation.

We work around your individual needs, tailoring a personalised lesson plan that’s designed to give you the very best chance of passing your test and will help turn you into a safe and confident and alert driver. Our instructors will accommodate you regardless of experience and it does not matter if you are nervous about learning to drive - we are extremely patient and understanding!

To begin with, we'll want to find our about your driving experience so we know how roughly how many lessons you might need to reach your goals. Then we'll work out how many sessions we can fit into a week and this is built around your schedule. We provide you with a 'logbook' that allows us to monitor your progression and also to highlight areas for improvement.

We'll pass on our extensive experience while making the process of passing your driving test an enjoyable and memorable experience.

It is important to note that if you are practising with a family member or friend that they must be over 21 years of age and have held a Full UK Driving Licence for 3 years or more.

Standard Learner Driver Tuition

Our standard lessons start at £30 per full hour.

All aspects of the highway code will be covered, including assistance with both your theory and practical assessments. Your first lesson will usually begin with familiarisation with the vehicle and all its controls. Once you feel confident with this, a pre-determined route will be taken to assess your steering ability and pedal control, followed by general driving for the remainder of the lesson. These lessons generally begin with the basics:

  • Safety Introduction
  • Vehicle Controls
  • Pulling Away
  • Safe Driving Line
  • Pulling Over
  • Our expertly-structured intensive driving courses enable anyone to pass quickly and efficiently.

Our courses are based around individual ability and requirements. We can advise on how to organise lessons allowing for maximum performance - too many in a short space of time can actually be counter-productive.

The courses can be undertaken over periods of between two and eight weeks, depending on your requirements. Please note that if you need to pass your test in a fortnight, you must have passed your theory and hazard perception test.

Please contact us for a full quotation.

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